robert floyd smBorn in Sheffield House, on the 3rd May 1930.

Written by our historian and from the notes given by

Mrs. Shirley Floyd December 2011.

Sheffield followed a similar design to those of the other houses at Kingham Hill. The purpose being a home for 30 boys and provide a full family life. Its not surprising then this concept governed the internal design of the house, and its supervision. Sheffield consisted of three large rooms downstairs. Playroom, dining room, living room and a kitchen; then the smaller rooms, superintendent's office, bathroom, washroom a boot room and the toilets. Upstairs there were three large dormitories for the boys; also bedrooms for staff and a night toilet and laundry room. If was not long before the staff in the homes were referred to as house parents, the term of house superintendent was consigned to our history book.

denys woods smAround 1946, having recently left the Royal Navy after WW2, John Woollan took over as Headmaster of Kingham Hill School from the Rev Douglas Horsefield.

Junior boys started boarding school life in Plymouth House – so ably run by Mr Durrant, the art master, and his wife Ruth.

At about age 12 boys moved up the hill to the main school houses located above The Plantation.


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Careers Fair Day

Thursday 24th November at KHS - Initial report.

After months of organisation and a few sleepless nights we were delighted to see so many Old Boys and Girls attend the first Careers Day held on the Hill for many years.

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