Peter2010_smPeter Johansen Esq.

Peter Johansen died in April 2010

A huge loss to Kingham Hill. At the school from 1962 - 1969 (Plymouth and Clyde)


Peter spent years on The Hill (1962-69) & was only 58 when he died. He believed he was Yogi because "he was smarter than the average bear"; maybe. To me he was just Jogi; an abbreviation / nickname.

After early years in Plymouth he blossomed in Clyde – though he wasn't a major sports cup winning asset.

YoungManMany will remember him, at school, in the Octagon debating society, editing our house magazine & in many other ways. He did not excel at cross country running or on the sports field & I was surprised to read that he made corporal in the CCF – I had tried to instruct him in the basics of marching / drill; he tried hard. He had been writing an autobiography & sending chapters to me through concerns about possible libel or simple inaccuracies; I'm very tempted to publish, so would value your thoughts.
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He didn't make Oxbridge, but completed a degree at Newcastle University & then qualified as a teacher. He must have been a very "interesting" supply teacher in Croydon; absolutely not him.

Peter then spent 19 years as a senior civil servant with what became the Department of Information (which he called the ministry of propaganda) & after that with the London Fire Brigade. His role at the DoI was to manage a team & the expenditure on adverts & other publicity, or to mediate – yet he was by his own admission not a numbers man. He appreciated the absurdity of spending money on keeping lights on for security at the same time as agreeing finance for campaigns to turn lights off; saving the planet!

Peter2010_medBorn in Moreton in Marsh to Danish parents who had come to England to work, the family lived in a house called Kildanes! Clearly his sense of humour developed early. His brother Michael also joined him on The Hill & his son, Jogi's nephew was a considerable source of pride to Peter. His Danish girlfriend together with his Danish & American based sisters were all at his funeral; deeply saddened & shocked by his untimely end; he was much loved by family & friends.

Peter had a form of epilepsy & it had surprised him a few times when he came to in hospital as an emergency patient. He'd black out on a bus or train & lose a day or so, which he found "interesting". He set up a spreadsheet of what he drank & was convinced that his instruction (no alcohol) was but an academic test. His brain seemed to him to need re-booting from time to time, & then didn't; he died in his flat.


topoftheformEvery OB & G & Friend of KHS who is a member of KHA will have received previous copies of this magazine from him. His address card system from his time as membership secretary & Editor formed the basis of our membership database.

Jogi was an active member of KHA‟s committee since he was "volunteered" to "help with the editorial committee of our magazine" in 1978. Actually there was no editorial committee & so he was instantly editor; the best.



KHA_LogoDuring The Hill's Centenary year of 1986 Jogi was Chairman of KHA & very involved in the celebrations & service at Oxford's Cathedral etc. He has always supported the work of the school, largely through KHA & through our charity the KHA Centenary Trust; his contribution to The Hill is incalculable & support invaluable, for which we can all be much more than just grateful.


I could write much more, but I hope we'll each remember him fondly in our own ways.

Mike Tadman

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