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Chairman’s Report

The last year has been one of continued evolution for the Association. In August 2014, we reported the change of our name to Kingham Hillians. Since the beginning of 2012, the school has been referring to its former pupils as 'Kingham Hillians'. This term has been gradually introduced over the last couple of years, and with alumni relations now being overseen by the School, the KH Committee and school both felt that it was the right time for this change in terminology to be adopted by the wider former pupil community.

Whilst the Kingham Hill Association and its Centenary Trust Fund will remain the name of the legal entity, the association and its members will now be referred to as Kingham Hillians. The previous shield, using the Oxford and Cambridge blues and initials 'KH' will be retained, whilst the lettering will reflect the school's branding to represent this new chapter in the history of former pupil relations at KHS.

KH logoKHA

Patron: Lord Adonis of Camden

subject to ratification




Present House Year
Harriet Dearden  Chairman  
Ian Allin MBE Durham/Norwich 1935-1942
Colin Berwick Bradford 1957-1961
Simon Briggs Plymouth 1945-1955
Stewart Brindley Staff 1948-1958
Bill Collett Durham/Stratford 1931-1941
Brian Dean Sheffield 1948-1952
Iain Helstrip Durham 1961-1965
Matt Huber Norwich 1955-1961
John Hughes Plymouth/Bradford 1936-1942
Mike Kent Plymouth/Bradford 1951-1959
Neil Lakeman Plymouth/Norwich 1956-1962
Bill Mayes Sheffield 1945-1951
Tony Middleton Plymouth/Greenwich 1963-1968
Andrew Morrison Clyde 1962-1969
Leo Smith Clyde 1943-1951
Keith Targett Plymouth/Clyde 1961-1969
John Timmins Sheffield 1957-1962
Ken Wingfield MBE Plymouth/Norwich 1958-1962
Eddie White Durham 1942-1950
In Attendance    
Nick Seward    
Brenda Brindley    
Julie Middleton    

KH logo

Patron: Lord Adonis of Camden

Notice of Meeting

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of Kingham Hillians will be held in the Veritas Building at Kingham Hill School, Kingham, Chipping Norton at 11:45am on Saturday 6 June 2015 to transact the following business.


KHA LogoWe are pleased to be able to bring you 2 reports from the 2014 AGM of the Kingham Hill Associasion

Clicking on the links below will open the PDF which you can read, print or save.

AGM Report

KHA Annual Report

All old boys and girls are warmly welcome to attend.

We are delighted to welcome Mark Foley as special guest speaker for this year's AGM lunch. Mark is an architect and Principal of internationally renowned firm Burrell Foley Fischer. He is Architect to the school and will talk about his role designing the new mathematics and science building and library. This will be followed by a tour of the construction site.

KHA Constitutions and Draft Amendments [download/view PDF] - KHA AGM2014 Notice and Agenda [download/view PDF]

Click read more for a plan for the day, cost and contact details. UPDATE TO START TIME

The pictures taken at the KHA AGM by Tony Middleton have now been uploaded to the photo archive: >> click here <<

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The 124th AGM of Ex-pupils organisations of KHS originated by the Founder's brother.

23 June 2012. Venue: KHS lecture Theatre.

Committee members present:

Nick Seward (Headmaster, invited), Kenny Winfield (Events), Leo Smith, Brian Dean, Mike Kent (Treasurer), Eddie White, John Hughes, Mike Tadman, Iain Helstrip (Secretary), Simon Briggs (Memorabilia), Simon Howlett (KHSD, Chair stand in).

KHA LogoKingham Hill Association

Patron: Lord Adonis of Camden

Chairman's Report, 2012

Last year I noted that it seemed to have been quieter than the previous year, rather too quiet really, due to our ongoing difficulties in finding new people for the various jobs that the late Peter Johansen used to do for us. This year has been just as quiet from an events point of view, which is regrettable, but it has been far from quiet in terms of organisational business; whilst the word "crisis" might be a bit too melodramatic, matters around the continued provision of an organisation catering for ex-pupils of Kingham Hill School have reached a difficult stage.

KHA LogoThe KHA held the 124th Annual General Meeting on the 23rd of June 2012. There are a number of publications, photographs and a continuing debate as a result, we are going to bring these to you shortly.

Initially recent publications are shown here on the front page however over time these drop off as more recent news comes in. To see all the KHA publications please visit the KHA area here on School Days buy clicking the KHA link in the menu above, or by clicking this link: The KHA Area





PRESENT: M.Amis, J.Hughes, W.Collett, S.Clavell, P.Harrison, F.Foster, A.Middleton, S.Howlett, K.Targett, Monty, B.Dean, S.Briggs, M.Kent, I.Helstrip, W.Mayes, C.Adams, J.Timmins, L.Smith, J.Woolliams, K.Wingfield, M.Tadman, B.Shaw.

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: G.Ball, R.Hughes, W.Parker, E.White, R.Ayers, W.Gambaski, K.Jones.

MINUTES OF THE 2010 AGM: These were approved by those present and signed as a true record by Chairman, Jon Montgomerie.

MATTERS ARISING: There were none.


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