Well that part of your education is at an end and the world of Further Education or work awaits! 

Some of you will no doubt be happy to move on, most of you will have mixed emotions - happy, sad, regret, pride, excitement and probably every other emotion it is possible to have. All the old boys and girls who came before you will wish you well, good health and a happy long lasting future, whatever Fate throws your way.


KHS logo with DRegardless of your background, experience of KHS or future you are now a member for life, like it or not, of the Alumni of Kingham Hill School. You are a 'Hillian' and part of our community. Welcome!

Don't worry, nothing is expected of you and you will probably spend many long years with little thought of your time at KHS or your place in it's history. Yet a place in history you have and a home here in your community whenever you want, need or feel like it.


School Days is an ever growing resource of our memories and news within which we hope you will find interesting things to read, perhaps even contribute to. Many of us are happy to give you help such as Careers advice having worked in many and varied industries across the world. The Social side, like Facebook, allows you to join your House Group(s) and share your interesting moments or just keep in touch with friends and let them know 'where you are now'. There will be Events and perhaps on occasion you'll get the chance to meet some of the wonderful characters that also used to live, eat and learn where you did.  


One last word
Life is fun but it can be unexpectedly short so don't miss opportunities or spend too long regretting it, if you on occasion you do. Live every day to the full taking just a little time to appreciate it and don't forget where you came from. Be proud of that, very few people you will meet had the opportunity.


School Days