We are sad to learn of the passing of Geoff Ball who died on February the 15th 2015 after being unwell for the last 18th months.

Kingham Hill School Days

Keeping Alive Our Memories

As you may know I sit on the KHA committee both as an observer for School Days and as Vice-Chair of the KHA. In these very different roles I have been acutely aware of the KHS decision in relation to alumni affairs and closely involved with the KHA response to it.

Whilst School Days operates independently 'independence' does not mean isolation, together with some other benefits it allows prompt progress in a dynamic world. The School Days website has an established role in its own right but it also has an important function in communicating current news and the good work both organisations do, because of the value our community places on it. Without the direct support and collaboration of both KHS and the KHA School Days would not be able to offer quite as much.