Rev. Robert Shepton
School Chaplain
1980 - 199

1909 - 1995
1949 - 1977

Bob Shepton SmallBeing about to take off for the Arctic again reminds me that I never reported on last year's expedition!

Basically it was successful. I had a group of hard South African climbers on board Dodo's Delight. Three of them helped sail the boat across the Atlantic from Scotland which this time was unusually benign. This may have been just as well as two of them had not sailed before! Then came the long trek, or motor in the lack of wind, up the west coast of Greenland to Upernavik about two thirds of the way up that long coastline.


To my surprise and delight we received a Piolet d'Or in Chamonix/Courmayeur in April this year for our sailing and climbing expedition to Greenland in 2010. This is probably the most prestigious award of the mountaineering world. I had a very excellent climbing team you understand!