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At 9:45am on Saturday 21 March, a small group of Hillians gathered at Daylesford Churchyard to lay a wreath at the Founder’s resting place, giving thanks in prayer.

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Patron: Lord Adonis of Camden


Subject to ratification

Minutes of the meeting of the Kingham Hillians' Committee held on Saturday 27 September 2014 in the Archive Room.

Before the meeting started, Harriet introduced Jennifer Robinson (Jenna) who is dealing with the work in the Development Office whilst Harriet is on maternity leave, from October 2014 until June 2015. Chris Aston, newly appointed Housemaster of Norwich, stopped by before the meeting to introduce himself to the committee. He will be in charge of co-ordinating the Rugby fitness and liaising with the Wasps R.F.C. who are helping with coaching this season. Chris spoke to the Committee and stated he had been given a warm welcome into the school and looked forward to building up the Rugby team's confidence in the coming season with some hard fixtures ahead.

Patron: Lord Adonis of Camden

Important changes to Kingham Hill Association

Since the beginning of 2012, the school has been referring to its former pupils as 'Kingham Hillians'. This term has been gradually introduced over the last couple of years, but with the KHA recently voting to work with the school, the KHA Committee and school both feel that now is the time for this change in terminology to be adopted by the wider former pupil community.

Following the resignation of Simon Howlett as Chairman of the Kingham Hill Association on 1 December 2013, a representation from the committee met with the Headmaster and Development Officer on 16 January to discuss the future of the KHA and its Centenary Trust Fund.

As stated at the AGM on 18 May 2013, the KHA accepts that the school has decided to take total responsibility for alumni relations and communications. Furthermore, the committee has recently considered that it would not be appropriate to continue to seek donations in competition with KHS for bursaries. It was therefore proposed that further invitations for donations to the CTF would cease. Awards for bursaries from the fund would continue to be made until the fund was exhausted. If donations continued to arrive, these would be accepted.

The Centenary Trust Fund (CTF) is the charitable fund the Kingham Hill Association (KHA) manage. The KHA was started by the Founder's brother when the school was 1 year old.

CTF funds are used to help pupils who have both a financial and boarding need and who would benefit by coming to Kingham Hill School, but without our funding be unable to do so. CTF funds are nearly all made up of donations from ex Pupils of Kingham Hill received in 1 off bequests or in regular smaller amounts by Standing Order. Monies received by the CTF are used to continue the mission of the Founder Baring Young.

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Patron: Lord Adonis of Camden

Chairman's Report, 2012

Last year I noted that it seemed to have been quieter than the previous year, rather too quiet really, due to our ongoing difficulties in finding new people for the various jobs that the late Peter Johansen used to do for us. This year has been just as quiet from an events point of view, which is regrettable, but it has been far from quiet in terms of organisational business; whilst the word "crisis" might be a bit too melodramatic, matters around the continued provision of an organisation catering for ex-pupils of Kingham Hill School have reached a difficult stage.

Recently we received a message from the Chairman of the Board of Governors - "The Board of Governors wish to convey to the KHA the gratitude of the board for the ongoing generous support of Kingham pupils through the provision of bursaries".