The original crest was designed by The Rev. Horsefield (1935-1945). It is thought that Reginald Durrant also made a contribution to its design.

Research carried out into the original design has enabled the KHS Association to produce a reproduction of the school's crest. (See image right)Click for a larger image

The School Motto:


Translates as Unto a Perfect (or complete) Man. The words are from Ephesians 4 v13, and in more modern translations are rendered as to mature manhood.






Comparing the changes between the original design above and that worn by boys from the late fifties, through to the seventies, and at least early eighties, (shown on the right) it is evident the cross, crown and the letters KHS were depicted in gold.

In November 2006 the current school badge (shown below) was issued to our historian.

This is nearer to the original design by Rev. Horsefield.



Current school badge


We are grateful to Rev. Godfrey Nicholson BSc CTM MTh, who taught at KHS between 1973 and 1988, for this translation. In a letter to our historian the Rev. Nicholson also wrote that the words of our school's motto "are, of course, an excellent summary of the aims of Charles Baring Young and of Teddie Cooper (and many others). The spiritual, academic, cultural and physical aspects of each pupil were all important, and to neglect any was to do disservice to them".


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