KHS logo with DWith the new Social area feature we are looking for people to look after House Groups as group administrators. This is not technically challenging the role just needs someone who would like to be a helping hand and a friendly 'voice' in the on-line House they used to be in at KHS. If you visit the website regularly then you'll be perfect to create a such warmth. 

We would like to find one or more proof reader(s) to check content and correct as needed, full explanation and support provided.

If someone is out there with a working knowledge of Joomla 3.x back-end we would encourage you to get in touch. This will be a support role to the SA. Minimal time up to as much as you want to do. Some initial learning with full guidance and potentially small project based if someone has software / application development skills.

There is a need for an effective and diplomatic negotiator perhaps with marketing skills to raise a relatively small amount of operating funds for the website. This could be a mix of donations, sponsorship or the creation of a selection of retail items unique to School Days.

None of these roles will take a huge amount of time and you'll be fully supported as part of a larger team.

Please use the contact link on the main menu to indicate your area of interest.


The School Days Team

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  • John D. Timmins

    John D. Timmins - Saturday, 16 May 2015

    Because Sheffield House was my home when I joined the school in September of 1957 I’m quite prepared to act as the Sheffield House Groups as group administrators.

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