Minutes of the (KHA) Kingham Hillians' 21/03/2015

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Patron: Lord Adonis of Camden

Subject to ratification



At 9:45am on Saturday 21 March, a small group of Hillians gathered at Daylesford Churchyard to lay a wreath at the Founder’s resting place, giving thanks in prayer.

Present: Harriet Dearden (Chairman & Development Officer) (HD), Jennifer Robinson (Development Officer, Maternity Cover) (JR), Brian Dean (BD), Ken Wingfield (KW), Mike Kent (MK), David Nock (DN), John Hughes (JH), Eddie White (EW), Leo Smith (LS), Simon Briggs (SB).

In attendance: Nick Seward (Headmaster)(NS).



Jon Montgomerie, Malcolm Brecht, Mark Foley, Jan Sindhar.

  • 1.     Approval of the minutes from 24 January 2015

BD pointed out that in the Treasurer’s section (point seven), the wording was incorrect, and that it should read ‘the CTF ceased to solicit donations’. MK confirmed that, as outlined in the statement issued on 03 February 2014, any donations sent to him would still be paid into the Centenary Trust Fund.

With this minor amendment, the Minutes were proposed by SB and seconded by MK. All in favour.

The minutes were then signed by HD.


  • 2.     Matters Arising from the minutes
  • a.     Plaque for Kingham Church

The woodwork instructor Dug Ainsley had been contacted by JR, who reported that Dug was happy to make the wooden plaque in the same style as the boards currently in Top School. Due to his current busy schedule with pupils’ work he would not be able to focus on this until after the Easter holidays when GCSE work was complete. The inscriptions would then put forward by MK and JR for the workshop to estimate size and costs and plans would be brought to the next meeting for consideration, with a view to producing the memorial in the near future.

Action: JR, MK

KW thanked JR for the beautiful wreath that had been laid at the Founder’s grave in Daylesford Church yard. KW suggested the Committee should look into having the inscriptions on the Founder’s stone painted, as over the years the stone work had become badly pitted.

BD requested that the possibility of a permanent memorial for Kingham Church, as originally discussed, be revisited once the wooden version had been completed for the School chapel. He expressed that he would be willing to support the project. DN said his company would be willing do a price comparison check on the stone memorial once costs had been sought.

HD thanked BD and DN for their support and on-going commitment for this important work. Once the wooden memorial was completed, it would enable a better idea of the specification for a stone version for Kingham Church and accurate costs can be sought.


  • 3.     Headmaster

NS reported to the Committee that the Veritas Building was now in full use and that local prep and primary schools had recently been invited to see and use the facilities for a special Science Day. The old Mathematics and Science building was currently being converted into the Boys’ Day Houses.

NS reported that the library redevelopment quote had increased in costs, but that the School was still planning to move forward with the work in the summer.

The School management had set out a business plan for the next five years and the Governors continue to discuss the School’s strategy after 2020, based on a ten point strategy.

At the invitation of the US State Department, NS had recently visited the US to discuss the American Studies programme. A good relationship is being developed with the State Department regarding educational needs for families posted to the UK.

The School remained committed to assisting children from a range of backgrounds, particularly those with a boarding need. The pupils supported by Westminster Council were doing very well and there was to be a conference next term discussing other pupils from similar backgrounds that might be selected to come to the School. NS was very pleased to have had a letter from the Westminster Council to say they were very impressed with the achievements of the two pupils they are funding and would continue to fund them through their Sixth Form studies.

The Headmaster then invited questions from the Committee:

MK asked NS what percentage of KHS income was currently set aside for bursaries. NS replied that there was a 15% overall concessions budget, which included bursaries and scholarships, and that nearly 50% of pupils received some level of financial support.

NS was thanked for his report and there being no further questions for the Headmaster, left the meeting.


  • 4.     Communications

KW asked when the next Alumni newsletter was due and suggested the Development Office should be asking for items of news on the KHSD site.

Action: JR/HD

BD proposed we should co-opt onto the Committee the four former Head Boys who had expressed interest in becoming more involved in the Committee. This would be ratified at the AGM.  

David Nock stated he wished to be co-opted. This was proposed by HD and seconded by EW.

It was suggested that the Development Office should send thanks to the four new members for their support.

Action: JR

The idea of a Kingham Hill calendar, as discussed at the previous meeting, was again suggested as a way of communicating important dates in the School year to Hillians. It was recognised that there may be cost implications here. Another suggestion included a book mark. JR to seek costs for both ideas:

Action: JR

  • 5.     Chairman


HD reported that following her maternity leave, she would be returning to her post on 1 June 2015.

JR reported that in the last few months several parents’ events had taken place, including a trip to St Paul’s Cathedral and opportunities to visit the Veritas Building

Fund raising for the 2020 Vision is ongoing and the Development Office had recently obtained a grant of £25,000 from a trust as well as a significant anonymous donation in support of the Veritas Building. HD and JR thanked all those who had supported the School with donations.

HD answered a question about the allocation of donations to the Annual Fund. It was made clear that when a donation was sent to the School, the money was directed by the Bursary to the specific fund as requested by the individual who had sent the donation. That gift was then ring-fenced, and would only be used for the purpose requested by the donor. This was in compliance with the standards required by the Charity Commission and in line with KHS’s donor charter.

MK asked about the fund raising break down of the new building. HD replied that for the first phase of the 2020 vision £1.3 million of the funds had been gained through fundraising with the remaining funds being met by School through the accumulation of surpluses and the sale of assets.

JR and HD were asked about the Parents Association. JR replied the group usually met once or twice a month on a Thursday morning and helped with organising events and raising funds for the School. MK offered to come and speak to their meeting and to help in anyway.


  • 6.     Treasurer

MK gave the Committee his financial statement number 29. The investment account, managed by Ruffers of London, had been informed by MK of the new title ‘Kingham Hillians’. It was acknowledged that the notification of this change was not straightforward. 

MK informed the Committee that he had completed the Annual Return to the Charity Commission and that details are available on their website. The Committee’s accountants Andrew Morrison and Co had undertaken the final checks on the books. The accounts would be brought to the AGM for ratification.  MK was thanked for all his hard work with the accounts.


  • 7.     Schooldays

JR reported that she is trying to arrange a meeting with Simon Howlett to discuss the future of the Schooldays website but to date, had not yet heard back from him. Both BD and EW stated their concerns about what was being planned for the future website, whether the school wanted their own in house site and if so what plans were being made. DN added that from his recent experience of both Marlborough College and Bradfield College, where his daughters attended, the schools ran the alumni web sites. JR expressed that she and NS were working on this, and HD would continue the work on her return from maternity leave in June.


  • 8.     Archives

KW showed the committee a survey given out by Tony Middleton (TM) recently, requesting memories about time at KHS as part of on-going project to collate stories form individuals. Committee members were encouraged to participate. TM would be asked to report to the AGM

TM was thanked for his on-going work with Archives.


  • 9.     Events

JR is organising the AGM, to be held on 6 June 2015. MK was liaising with JR about the quiz and SB was organising a raffle for KH funds. MK suggested we advertise on the KHSD site. JR would pursue.

Action: MK, SB, JR

  • 10.  Memorabilia

The Committee agreed that pupils leaving KHS this summer would receive a tie (boys) or a pen (girls) as a memento. SB to liaise with JR regarding numbers. SB was authorised to purchase pens and ties for school leavers.

Action: JR, SB

  • 11.  AOB
  • a.     Legacy Society

BD asked for clarification of details in the legacy society leaflet and how it related to the Annual Fund. HD replied the Annual Fund was an initiative that runs during the academic year, supporting small projects at the School in a number of areas.

The 1886 Legacy Society is a new initiative and is a means of encouraging KHS friends and supporters to consider leaving a legacy in support of the work of the school. Legators can support the work of the School by leaving a legacy to the Kingham Hill Trust, or support the bursary programme by leaving a donation to the CTF.

It was noted that the reply form included in the legacy society leaflet is not a legally binding document but rather a statement of intent, and that wishes would only be carried out if outlined in an individual’s Will.

Both the CTF and KHS were mentioned in the leaflet in an effort to be as inclusive as possible to all supporters of the Hill.  Anyone who has already made provision in their Will for either the CTF or KHS or who intends to do so are eligible, if they so wish, to become members of the legacy society.

  • b.     Election of new President

SB proposed that following the recent death of the President, Bob Hughes, the Committee should appoint another President. The Committee proposed that John Hughes, the brother of the late President, should be nominated and that this should be brought to the AGM for ratification on 6 June  2015. This was proposed MK and seconded by KW.

  • c.      Speech Day 2015

Speech Day takes place on Saturday 4 July 2015 and David Nock agreed to be the Committee representative for that day.

  • d.     Future date

Kingham Hillians AGM and Quiz Saturday 6 June. Details to be published by JR.


The date of the autumn KH Committee Meeting was set for Saturday 26 September and Rohilla Day set for Sunday 27 September 2015.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 12.15pm


Minutes prepared by Ken Wingfield MBE

Signed …………………………………………………………….           Date ……………………………………………………

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