Timothy Kenneth Whitfield Hart

Gentlemen & Friends:

We were informed this morning by one of ours (Matt Huber) who had just picked up on an obituary notice in today's Telegraph: (Link at the end of this message) a very dear friend of ours has recently passed on:

Timothy Kenneth Whitfield Hart (Head of School , Head of House Sheffield). For details of his memorial service please click 'read more'


Mrs Hart has been in touch with details of his memorial service which she has asked us to pass onto all of you, in case any wished to attend.

No dark or black colours as it's a celebration of his life. He died of motor neuron disease. If anyone wishes to send a donation or flowers, please send to St Margaret's Somerset Hospice, or contact the undertaker Nigel Ford on 01823 338369.

The memorial service is at Kings College, Taunton on Monday 22 September at 2.45pm. Click here for a map

Please pass this on to those of us you are in contact with.

Sad day indeed.


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