Careers Fair Day

Thursday 24th November at KHS - Initial report.

After months of organisation and a few sleepless nights we were delighted to see so many Old Boys and Girls attend the first Careers Day held on the Hill for many years.


It would be fair to say most of us were feeling something between nervousness and uncertainty at the start of the day - as were the pupils! These feelings quickly melted away as everyone began talking to each other. From 10:30am until the end of the school day the hall and school were filled with people talking and thinking about CV's, interviews and careers. 

Initial feedback from the pupils, alumni and the business sponsors has been very positive. You all had a significant impact on the pupils, leaving them with some questions answered but with many more bubbling up in their minds, now switched on and interested after talking to you.

Mike (KHA) and Kim (KHS) thanked you all on the day however I on behalf of School Days would like to congratulate each one of you personally. However small the difference you made it was worth the effort to make. I know from talking to many of you it is difficult to quantify your personal contribution, as such the team are working hard to put together a final report highlighting pupil comments, which should more than reassure you.

Your contribution on the feedback forms, comments here and in email to any of the team will all be individually considered and acted upon.

If you wish to add something about your experience please do so below, I am sure people who could not make it will be very interested to read what you have to say.

Thank you very much for participating!


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