The team here at School Dyays are delighted to be able to let you know our website is now on a brand new dedicated web server with more than double the power and resources of our last 'home on the web'.

For those who are interested in knowing more read on...

As you may be aware a web server is essentially a computer connected to the Internet on which websites are stored (hosted). People receive webpages from a web server using an Internet web browser, such as Internet Exploerer, Firefox and Chrome, when they visit a website address such as - kinghamhillschooldays.co.uk

Our website is hosted on a Dedicated Server, the best type because it means only our website is hosted on the computer. All the power and resources of the entire server are available to deliver the website to you and is by far the most secure. The server is located in Blue Square London in the same facility as the major banks and connected to the UK's Internet Backbone using the fastest routing and network hardware.

The server has a 3Ghz quad core pentium CPU, 8Gb of RAM, 250Gb SSD hard drive using RAID 1 with another 250Gb hard drive. The server's operating system is Linux (64bit) on which Apache is running with other software. It has a Gigabit network card attached to a Gigabit switch all of which are stored in temperature controlled environment and is monitored 24/7.

Why is any of this important?

Our 'data' is exceptionally important to us. When people upload pictures or stories and share their memories the intention is to ensure those are available and remain available so they need to be both secure and protected against data loss. As we need to be able to take information, pictures, music and video from you through the website it needs to be capable of doing that. The reality is that the easier it is for someone to do something online the larger and more resource hungry the solution becomes. The School Days website has many software applications running to provide a range of high quality services to our community so the hardware has to be powerful enough to cope. 

School Days is hosted at cost price by an old boy of KHS, as such it represents remarkable value so we hope you will consider a donation if you like and use the website.


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