Firstly I'd like to pass on to you all our warm thanks for all your feedback both during the re-design, pre-release and in these early days after the new website has gone live. Thank you also for your offers of help and the numbers of people visiting - the site delivered 5,000 pages to over 1,000 unique visitors in the last 5 days alone <wow!> Keep it coming everyone!


Road Map and Improvements

The School Days Team

  • We now have a growing online team which increase our pool of opinion and ideas
    • We'll be introducing people to you as soon as we get a chance!

The Photo Archive

  • is a vital part of our history but re-linking it is a complex procedure because the new software needs to be configured and tested
    • we are also working on a feature where you can view archive pictures in an entertaining way - a little like a slide show


  • there are some issues with the pictures not having white space around them so the text is harder to read. There are 500 articles so this is going to take a little time
  • some articles are not linking correctly to their full content. We are fixing these as we find them or as they are reported
  • some spelling issue have been reported
  • we have a backlog of articles to publish - These have started arriving now!
  • You are able to Rate and Comment on Articles, you just have to be logged in.
  • Looking to start 1980's - 1990's, 2000's - 2010's sections in Our History
  • Completing the next set of Ralph Mann articles

Ex-Pupil (Old School Tie) Network

  • This was never used as we had hoped so we are changing it to allow you to display the business you are currently working in. Not only is that more interesting but if that helps their SEO and exposure that helps you
  • The Alumni Products and Services will be a part of this as there are many items, such as books ex-pupils have written, which deserve a decent home

Social Area - Noticeboard

  • Everyone can post their own events, looking for someone, life event news. You can also post discussions, announcements, pictures, videos and join your own House Group
  • increasing activity
  • decision is close on original House Names and New House Names solution

Site Links

  • Links to the Buttle Trust, KHS, KHS Wiki page and news-feeds will return together with a way to suggest a link
  • We are in contact with our Canadian brothers and sisters so expect some links in that respect


  • Currently we have just one so we can centralise feedback in the early weeks of the new website
  • We will be adding direct contact for various people on request


  • New ways of dealing with this area are now being developed

Careers Area

  • Will be coming back very soon

Other Changes

  • Some text on the bottom of website is too small
  • the website needs speeding up - these features are now being turned on and we are testing their compatibility
    • Speed of website delivery world wide has improved drastically 
  • the tablet view of the site could be better - the mobile phone view has been improved
  • there is an activation issue on registration - this has been resolved
  • We are working on some other nice features
  • layout of items on the home page has changed - featured items and Obituaries make their entrance
  • the navigation in sections is being worked on
  • visitor Globe / Map is returning - some issue with the code<?>
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