Back in 2009 you kindly helped us start School Days with your donations because we all felt it was vitally important to keep our memories alive and provide an online resource that reached out to ex-pupils around the world. Back then the KHA supported us by paying for articles to be published, which were a direct cost paid to a web designer. For the last few years Kingham Hill School have donated funds covering the basic costs of hosting and has enabled this site to grow to what it is today - over 23,000,000 hits since we started!

Unfortunately the School are now removing their support in favour of their own alumni website over which they have total control. School Days has always been independent safe from the ever changing staff at KHS and their approach to Alumni affiars, not to mention the politics. When the school put the choice to us early in 2015 we decided to remain independant and we know a huge number of our supporters and visitors agree with this. An independant School Days is assured to remain for ex-pupils and managed by ex-pupils in perpituty to delight and entertain those that come after us. 

To run this website we need to pay for decent hosting and essential software updates. Everything else is provided by Old Boys and Girls entirely free of charge, amounting to hundreds if not thousands of hours a year - a true labour of love. The yearly cost is just under £3,000 and, although this may seem like a lot of money, anyone with a half decent business website or even a bespoke alumni website will tell you this is very a reasonable cost, if not very cheap!

We would ask you to consider how much this site means to YOU and provide the funds we need to keep School Days here forever.

Thank you for your support, everyone apprecaites it.


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