Wishing you all a very Merry and Peaceful Christmas.

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THERESA HAY 1924 - 2015

KHS STAFF 1972 - 1978 

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I must sadly announce that my beautiful beloved mother lost her battle with Motor Neurone Disease at 03.41 hrs GMT on Tuesday 10 March 2015, at Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, Farnham, three days before her 91st birthday. Mum could not have been in a better place, or be better cared for at the end of her life. Everyone at the hospice was so kind to her and were very caring to me too, worrying for my wellbeing.

Mum died peacefully in her sleep with me holding her hand. It was a long and arduous journey of illness, pain and suffering, but she was an inspiration to everyone, especially in the dignified and courageous way she dealt with Motor Neurone Disease. She never let it get her down despite it completely paralysing her and taking away her ability to speak or eat and drink. It was a soul destroying illness, but right up until her final breath she still believed that life was worth living and she made an effort to be upbeat, happy and kind and cheerful to all who came into contact with her.

Mum will be missed but never forgotten and I shall love her with all my heart until the day I follow her.


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Mrs Theresa Hay

House Matron
Norwhich and Plymouth

1972 to 1978

Theresa came to The Hill in 1972 when appointed as house matron to the original Norwich House. After about a year she was appointed matron to the schools junior boys house the original Plymouth. At that time Teddie Cooper was still the Warden (Headmaster) and Mr. & Mrs. James Woolliams were house parents of Plymouth house.

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It was never truly established where my mum came from. It was widely rumoured that it was either Maltby in the North or Wapping in the South and the uncertainty of two different accents, and whatever the situation prompted, only helped to make speculation pointless if not entirely impossible.


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Apart from not knowing I had one of these I wasn't quite sure what one was anyway and was not so much surprised but intriqued when one day on summer hols my mother announced that "Today, we're going to see your granddad who used to live in Wapping and, with a bit of luck, still does"


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Sheffield House was my home when I joined Kingham Hill School back in September 1957. Just to give you some social history a time line in English hisatory that was in fact just four years after Queen Elizabeth 1st. was crowned in Westminster Abbey.

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This centered around 3ft of prime rattan about half an inch thick and wielded with great expertise by the then headmaster, John Woollan.

Now though the cane kept 180 boys in order it was never used in gay abandon in order to do so - a couple of canings a week maybe, if that, but when it was used it was used with a will - and bloody well hurt !

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